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With us, there’s nothing sacrificed to bring you great quality jewellery.

We can all thrive together – the people who love jewellery and the people who mine and make it.

We built Juraster on an ethical bedrock. We chose Fairmined gold and silver, traceable Akoya pearls and responsibly sourced diamonds and packaging. It hasn't been done before and it took us 3 years to build.

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If you've ever looked out across the sea of repetitive designs for new jewellery you could put your own twist on -  transformable jewellery to mix and match to your mood or look – then I created Juraster for you.

Juraster turns the tide on lacklustre jewellery that looks like everyone else’s.

I’m Jessica Cadzow-Collins, Bond Street jewellery expert, gemmologist, and founder of Juraster.

Once upon a time, I worked at first class jewellery stores like Asprey, Chaumet, Garrard and Harrods. For over 30 years, I made stars and royals sparkle.

I held millions of pounds worth of gems in my fingertips. In fact, I held history in my hands. Including the last piece of jewellery worn by Tsarina Alexandra and Queen Victoria’s sapphire diadem.

But through the years, I realised something special.

It’s what’s inside you that’s precious - so your jewellery should reflect who you are at heart - your story, your spirit.

Because spellbinding jewellery is not just for stars.

So, I founded Juraster using my decades of care and savoir-faire so that you can chart your life and love in jewellery that transforms with you. 

Juraster sets the touchstone for ethical Fairmined gold and silver, using traceably sourced pearls and diamonds that are fairer to our planet and to artisan miners.

You’re a wave maker.  While nothing can match the brightness of who you are inside, Juraster designs spellbinding jewellery that transforms with you.  Jewellery to chart the chapters of your life, constantly evolving, embracing change and transformation.  Because when you’re free to shine, life becomes beautiful.

Juraster ever after.

Versatile transformable jewellery designer Jessica Cazdow-Collins - Juraster

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