Fairmined VS Recycled Gold

Fairmined VS Recycled Gold

You can be proud that your Juraster gold is purely ethical.  That’s because we know where it’s come from.  Recycled gold can’t be traced.  Gold is easy to melt, and then it’s like water – you can’t tell which part is which.  Gold is unsanctionable because it is the international currency of the whole world.  So, it’s very easy to ‘launder’ dirty gold mined from misery and corruption.  But our gold is Fairmined from community owned mines in Columbia and Peru. 

Fairmined is the brand/trading name for the Alliance for Responsible Mining, a pioneering not-for-profit established by a bunch of college students in 2004 in Quito, Ecuador, at the headquarters of Rainforest Rescue International.  They were working with some indigenous communities and an Afro-Columbian community in Columbia, who had traditionally mined gold.  They created a sustainable, regulated, and rigorous mine to market operation to help the miners.  One of the founders says, ‘We didn't know it hadn't been done before.  We just did it.’   

The students joined forces with an international group of community-based mining organizations, environmentalists, business representatives and certification specialists from Colombia, Ecuador, the United States, the Philippines, Holland, Mongolia, Peru, Sri Lanka, and the United Kingdom.

Soon after, a permanent headquarters was set up in Envigado, Colombia, which delivers the Fairmined system to support miners and ensure they meet world leading standards for responsible practices, social development and environmental practices, all backed by independent 3rd party audits.

Currently, six mines produce certified Fairmined responsible gold and silver from 2 countries, Peru and Columbia.  Since 2014, they have produced 1600 kg, and been paid a guaranteed minimum price which enables them to form legalised operations, plan and scale, work in safety.  Over 4000 miners and their families have directly benefited from the scheme.

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Solid gold v plated metal

Don’t you hate it when your lovely new piece suddenly turns a funny colour, or the plating seems to chip away?  We’re not fans of plated jewellery either.

If you’re like a lot of our customers, then you’ll understand the long-term investment you can get from the good value in 9ct gold.  Juraster is for you if you’ve stopped purchasing jewellery just for the sake of it - because it looks nice - and are investing more into pieces you’ll love and can wear for ever.